We deliver a complete filtration service on housings and elements for oil, fuel, dust, air and other fluids . Manufacturer of bespoke trolleys, filtration rigs and systems, including particle counting where necessary.

Using the Next Generation of High Performance filtration, Structured Management System and Scientific Analysis Methods, Midlands Power and Motion can assist you in the following ways

Cost Savings

  • High Capacity Elements for longer Life - Reducing Filter Change Costs
  • Remove Expensive Scheduled Oil changes
  • Reduce workload on your engineering staff by eliminating unnecessary tasks
  • All of this can be spread through equal monthly payments, preventing difficult high expenditures on your engineering budget

Machine Reliability

  • Oil Analysis Software

    Complete a site Survey and Map all current Filtration
  • Reassess micron ratings against modern industry standards
  • Upgrade all your filtration to Beta 1000
  • Optional Air Breathers prevent 60 - 80 % of contamination reaching your oil
  • Use Oil Analysis (see Image) to map your oil condition - pre informing you of any potential failures and telling us exactly when the time is right to change oil

Parts Supply

  • Supply of any Hydraulics related component
  • Bespoke design of filtration solutions based on identified need
  • Air Breathers and Standpipes to fit any system

Site Service

  • We can supply Engineers for Design, Installation and Repairs
  • Oil sampling done by our engineers
  • Our Oil Management Programme is managed by us, leaving you free to concentrate on more pressing issues

All in All, we aim to save you money in the short and Long term, improve your oil quality and reduce breakdowns and associated costs.

Through our works we have

  • Identified 2 batches of badly made oil, which had been delivered to site and put into machines. We had the supplier provide 2800 litres of oil free of charge to change the oil in 2 complete systems.
  • Identified a furnace that was not using fire safe oil - the furnace was shut down and the oil was immediately changed
  • Reduced oil consumption by up to 80% on manufacturing sites
  • Reduced the No. 1 reason for hydraulic component failure - Contamination

Our methods remove some of the engineering and administrative burden on you and your department, and it will only take 15 minutes on site to explain our systems to you. After that - we do the rest